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Help - Feedback chat FAQ

How to install Feedbackchat to youtr website ?

1) Download the software and run it.
2) Within the software, click the button "New user, Register here".
3) Fill in your data and press the "Register Now " button.
4) You will get an email containing a confirmation link: click this link.
5) Your account is set. Insert the javascript you received by email to your webpages where you want to provide real time help solution
6) That is all!

How do I insert the Feedback chat button to my website ?

You just have to paste the script that we provided you at the registration process.
If you have lost this script, simply click the "Forgotten password" button in the program at logging : you will recieve by email your personnal data and the script associated.
The script that you have received is a one line javascript like:
<script src="//www.feedbackchat.com/script.php?id=XXXX&crm=crmmXXXX"></script> (<body> section)

User interface

If the admin(you) are offline, the user can send you an video/audio email.
When the user connects and you are online, the online button appears.

When he clicks the button, a chat interface appears:

Leave an e- mail

When you are offline, an user can leave you an email.

How to uninstall Feedbackchat ?

Simply go to your configuration panel and click add/remove programs.

How do I register Feedbackchat ?

Register feedbackchat to remove "Unregister" or "Free version" captions.
Go simply to: http://www.feedbackchat.com/purchase.php
Once registered, we will set your account as registered and we will remove all "unregistered" captions.


Where can I see a working demo ?
In our website : simply go to http://www.feedbackchat.com

What do I need ?
You need windows XP with Flash Plugin installed. If you do not have the flash player, you can get it at Macromedia website

Does it work with Mac or Linux ?
Yes : you can use it directly with your web browser without using the software.
You can connect at http://www.feedbackchat.com/admin.htm

How does the service cost ?
You pay a annual fee. Please check the price at http://www.feedbackchat.com/purchase.php

How to transmit video/audio ?
Simple click the audio/video window in your Admin window. You can also Right click and choose parameters for audio/video quality selection.

I am behind a router, does it work ?
Yes, Feedbackchat works with routers.

I am behind a proxy, does it work ?
Yes, Feedbackchat works with proxies.

What is the difference between the free and the registered version ?
The registered version will remove all "unregsiteted free" labels and captions.

Can I customize the online/offline pictures ?
Go to your Admin window and choose the parametrs menu.

Can I disable the video mails and use normail email instead ?
Yes, you can receive normal emails instead of video mails: go to your Admin window and choose the parametrs menu.

Others questions ?
Please contact us at : [email protected]

Need extra help ?

Just feel free and contact us by email at :
[email protected] or go to http://www.feedbackchat.com/contact.php and use our real time audio video chat.

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